Italian spritz.

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I was in Venice when I finally broke down… and had a Spritz (aka also spelled Spritx).

I had read about this drink, walked around this drink, raised my brows while contemplating this neon orange concoction… but hadn’t yet tried it. But on our last sunny day in Venice, with nothing but time on our hands, I gave in. I walked straight up to the bar, asked if I could buy 2 Spritzes to go [sit in the glorious sun] and plopped one in my sister-in-law’s hands (Cindy, pictured) while I sat to suckle the other.

While sitting canal-side in Venice (read full Venice post).

Not a bad place to try a new drink. And with family. And in Italy. And don’t you just love love love that I could buy it to go? hehe. This is a very, very popular drink in Italy. Most frequent sitings: mid-afternoon.

Here, in case you need some orange neon in your life:

fill glass with ice.
fill 1/4 with Aperol.
2/4 with sparkling white wine. (Prosecco, good idea!).
1/4 with club soda.
add splashes of fresh squeezed OJ and a slice.

And yes, yes, as is always the case with ‘classic Italian recipes’ there are about 4000 different variations.

Cindy with Spritz

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  • Chiara said (24 May 2010 at 3:09 am):

    This is too funny. I just wrote a post about the Negroni, which is my other favorite neon orange drink! I like my Spritz made with campari rather than Aperol… what can I say? I’m a big drunk =)

  • Krista said (24 May 2010 at 4:47 pm):

    That looks splendid and oh so vacationy :-)

  • kathleen said (26 May 2010 at 11:54 am):

    I think it’s crazy how Cindy looks just like your mom.