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Amazing how we grow and evolve. We follow our passions and goals; they evolve and come in and out of focus. For example, I started this blog because I loved food and cooking… it further propelled my passion for food. And for gardening, food preservation and urban farming. This continued focus on growing, cooking and eating food ultimately grew my passion for clean, non-GMO, sustainable food. Which. I found difficult to find – and often overpriced.

So I started a company called Barn2Door (March 2015). Because I wanted to easily find and buy sustainable food direct from farmers. Check out our team:


We are literally building a technology platform that is like an Etsy for farms – a discoverable marketplace that provides a storefront for every sustainable (organic-quality) farm. So you and I can easily search by food, farmer, location or fulfillment method (on farm pickup? home delivery? custom pickup at a local coffee shop? shipping?).

It may be roll-your-eyes cliche, but I am a believer in following your interests and passions – even when you don’t know where they will lead or how it will evolve. Get good at what you love, learn deeply.

And if you also happen to have a penchant for sustainable agriculture, clean food and the coolest of farmers – please comeĀ check us out.



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Grandma’s Special Salmon Sauce

Grandma's Special Salmon Sauce

I would get up at 6am with my dad, pull on my boots and add one jacket on top of another. At only 8 years old, I’d fill that dented and well-loved Stanley thermos with hot chocolate – dad had his thermos of coffee – and traipse with him to the boat. I can still see the boat bobbing by the dock and smell the salty ocean water. A few seagulls say hello, but all else is quiet, serene – we witness the crack of dawn.

He loved to fish, and I loved being part of dad’s crew. I’d curl

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oxtail recipes – and how one long tail made it through 4 meals.

oxtail recipes - and how one long tail made it through 4 meals.

We all have sides to ourselves that need to be fed.

We have nuances that keep us sane. Habits of comfort, people we call, ways we organize. New year beginnings are a time to revisit our priorities, rearrange as necessary and re-up our commit to good health, happiness and worthy goals. As I hit mid-life and have years of parenting, jobs, relationships gone good and bad – I am gaining a handle on what keeps me grounded – and have found that sometimes even the smallest things matter.

I have long been a believer that taking care of oneself benefits … [more]

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Christmas holiday 2013 (part 1): cabin in the woods in Yaak, Montana

Christmas holiday 2013 (part 1): cabin in the woods in Yaak, Montana

I ignore the dead fly floating in a sea of candle wax while it burns.

I wake up and have to pee, then close my eyes and will another to run to the nearby creek in below freezing temperatures for a bucket of water – a requisite to filling the back of the toilet for each ‘flush.’

I curse my packing skills, having left behind deodorant and now counting 4 days sans shower. Add in 3 teen boys and sweaty games of hockey and you can imagine…

On day 2 of 6 we are without water, no electricity and together … [more]

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California Ripe Olives Tour

California Ripe Olives Tour

On a recent California Ripe Olive Tour, I enjoyed a whirlwind 2 days of meeting farmers and visiting olive orchards, snapping pics at [olive] plants and eating chef-inspired, olive-themed meals. We not only took in sites and bites, we filled our brain to the brim with olive facts and figures, took note of olive pairings and stood in line for blue-cheese stuffed black olive martinis.

On any farm tour or food press trip, there are key points and highlights (check out ALL the photos).

A group of media writers, bloggers, and nutritionists landed on a Wed afternoon, where … [more]

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12 brussels sprout recipes + how to store brussels sprouts

12 brussels sprout recipes + how to store brussels sprouts

Is it really all about the bacon? I asked a pile of blogging friends for their best brussel sprouts recipes and I confess: you’d think it was a case for “everything it better with bacon.” Brussels & Bacon are quickly becoming akin to peanut butter and jelly, olive oil and balsamic, truffle and popcorn (couldn’t resist that last one).

Bacon love aside – I do want to make a case for bacon free brussel sprouts.

I keep thinking brussel gratin would be divine – I need to climb on that pony. Maybe a new twist for Thanksgiving?

I am about … [more]

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pumpkin recipes and pumpkin puree recipes

pumpkin recipes and pumpkin puree recipes

Tis the season. Yes – I just said that. Folks might think that phrase is locked up for Christmas but in my little humble kitchen ’tis the season’ is a year round affair. One ‘season’ of food after another parades itself through my kitchen from January through December. There was a time when I thought apples, herbs and tomatoes were year round… but then I started to pay attention to ‘seasonal produce’ and realized most food isn’t grown locally, seasonally. I won’t hop on a soapbox – entertaining though it would be – instead lets focus on today. NOW. October! … [more]

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Green Tomato Recipes

green tomatoes

We are gamblers. Risk-takers. We balance shoulder shrugs against sleepless nights. And year after year we ask ourselves: will they turn red? Anyone who plants tomatoes in the Pacific Northwest is rolling the dice. We hold our breath until the last late frost is gone – June if we are lucky – it was July just two years past. May planted tomatoes will never see their day.

If we remember ‘garden’ sometime in March or April – we will remember to get our tomato seeds into little cups of dirt in the best lit, warmest place in our homes. We … [more]

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apple cider vinegar recipe (and apple drinking vinegar recipe)

apple cider vinegar recipe (and apple drinking vinegar recipe)

All I know is the corner of my dining room is spewing odor as if it has a place in the conversation. How can one do homework with sour fermenting apples penetrating your nostrils? My poor sons put up with noisy dehydrators, simmering vinegar, a fridge full of hard-boiled eggs and now this: a corner full of ferment. So it goes in a home of an urban farmer, a soul ever curious about seasonal food and preservation and ever reaching down the abyss of DIY sustainable living.

Last summer I scored apples from my father’s tree, plus sourced some ‘seconds’ … [more]

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Local Blueberries

Local Blueberries

Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, blueberries are still draped across bushes, and big flats of blues adorn countless kitchen counters (in season through middle/end of September). In fact, I pinged a pile of food-blogging friends for blueberry recipes to keep the inspiration strong through the tail end of blueberry season (recipes follow).

Today at an unnamed grocery store I saw organic, local blueberries for $7 a pound. I confess: I cringed a bit, knowing these super-food, uber-healthy, applause-worthy berries were so costly to consumers. I cringed a tad more knowing that the blueberry farmer was lucky if s/he … [more]

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