Liquefied Ghost

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280187768 d6ae1c13da Liquefied GhostBecause it is Halloween, my ‘drink’ category is growing. Holidays are my excuse to play with new recipes, new menus and fun, new drinks. My friends and family have come to expect new funky concoctions from my kitchen, and I love the excuse to put on my mixologist hat.

I will say you have to drink this one quicker or the ‘ghost’ really does start to look gross (cream behaving badly). But in the nature of the holiday, we welcome gross looking ghosts! Gross invited, this ghost will tickle you to your toes. Not only does it look like a ghost-been-puddled—it actually tastes like muddled ice cream!

Liquefied Ghost
Vanilla Simple Syrup (recipe below)

Per drink: 1 oz each vanilla simple syrup and cream, 2 oz vodka, 2 oz soda; or use 2/3 vanilla vodka, 1/3 soda and a hearty splash of cream. Mix and serve in a martini glass.

Note: I am a sucker for mixing my own simple syrups, but you can use store-bought vanilla simple syrup or vanilla vodka instead. My sons love to use Vanilla Simple Syrup for making vanilla milk and vanilla Italian sodas, so we use this syrup beyond the ghostlike cocktail.

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  • Jessica said (4 April 2007 at 3:29 am):

    Elaine, you are just to funny. Don’t ever loose your sense of humor.

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