Italian Sodas: not for kids only

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italian sodaItalian sodas are all the rage at our house. With mom making simple syrups like it is going out of style, the kiddos are making Italian sodas of every size, shape and flavor. When they have friends over, the kitchen becomes an instant science lab as they pour together multiple syrups and flavors. And lest you wonder, I never forget the kid in each adult, and below you will find a recipe for an ‘adultized’ Italian Soda.

I make simple syrups, then we pour and blend them with club soda over ice and add a dash of half & half on top. (Some kids like it without the cream).

Simple syrup became my focus when I became enthralled with making a perfect mojito; in addition, I went to a restaurant and had a fabulous Ginger Lemon Drop (Crow restaurant, Seattle). The mojito need and the ginger experience lured me to enter the world of novelty drinks and cocktails through the door of flavored sugar syrups. So, I created a Mint Simple Syrup for my mojito, a Ginger Simple Syrup to spruce up lemon drops and a Gingersnap Simple Syrup for a drink about to make a Halloween debut.

Adult concoctions aside, the kids discovered that these liquid pleasures were specialty drinks for them as well. My 10 year old son loves mint Italian sodas; my 11 year old son loves berry Italian sodas. But they, like me, are always ready to try the next great flavor!

Kid Italian Soda
2 oz. simple syrup (I just tell the kids about 1 inch worth after the ice cubes are in)
Club soda
Half & half (optional)

Fill glass with ice cubes, add ‘1 inch’ simple syrup, fill soda to ‘1 inch’ from top. Taste and top with half & half, if desired.

Adult Italian Soda
2 oz. simple syrup (I just tried Blackberry Blueberry)
2 oz. vodka
Club soda
Splash of half & half

Fill glass with ice cubes (in picture is a chilled 8 oz. jar serving as a glass), add ‘1 inch’ simple syrup, add vodka, fill soda to ‘1 inch’ from top. Top with splash of half & half.

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  • Diana said (27 December 2008 at 11:15 am):

    I don’t know exactly how I stumbled across your website, but you have the most awesome recipes, the most interesting stories, and the greatest pictures!!! I can’t wait to try some of these!!!

  • Janelle said (6 January 2009 at 9:50 am):

    Diana: THANK YOU, it means the world to have such kind feedback!!

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