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Welcome to my blog. I live in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle on an Urban Farm (w/ five laying hens and a huge garden). I am a trained chef (w/ a certificate in food preservation), taught at a cooking school & like to share 'kitchen hacks' - culinary tips that save time, money & maximize flavor. If that isn't enough, I also run a food+tech startup called Barn2Door.com - a platform to help everyone easily find & buy food directly from farmers, fishers & ranchers (from CSA's to urban farm eggs to 1/2 a grass-fed cow).

Everybody's Nuts!

Everybody's Nuts!


I loved this company even before I tried their pistachios. And not just because they sent me a box full of goodies---though that didn't hurt.

I love them because of their branding. So few foodstuffs impress me when it comes to creative marketing, but this company is dedicated to giving pistachios their [fun] day in the sun. Remember Cracker Jacks? When I was a kid, it was all about the sailor icon and the cute little message inside. Or the baseball cards with their flat stick of gum, so you could enthusiastically chew gum while sifting through new cards.

Or Kool-Aid, remember that big pitcher of Kool-Aid that was always bashing through walls and creating a trail of thirst-quenching fun? I still am not sure whether it was about quenching thirst or party-crashing, but it certainly involved a big smile and an even bigger entry. Today I think of Jones Soda as having clever marketing, with the excerpts they include on their bottles. No doubt there are more food companies that actually aim to make you smile or laugh out loud or chew gum with gusto. But today's winner is the Everybody's Nuts! company.

They have a mascot named 'Stach' and clever little comics enclosed in the boxes of pistachios. Their website includes 'make your own Stach comic', Stach games and a fan club. You should check it out: www.EverybodysNuts.com.

I love companies that go out of their way to impress people. I could shake their hand; but they would probably rather I eat their pistachios. And that really is the point: for me to taste-test their pistachios and give you my two cents. And, if you know me, you know that means including the palates of my family. My Junior High boys and all their lofty opinions. So here goes:

Roasted No Salt Pistachios: these are the chocolate chip cookie variety. Have you ever heard that phrase? They are good. They are plain. They appeal to most. Once you start adding things to the chocolate chip cookies---think raisins, oatmeal, pecans---then not as many people prefer them. But a smaller group of people will like it that much more. Which is why you make more flavors to be favorites of smaller groups. Since I am one of those who prefer the chocolate chip cookie PLUS, I also like nuts PLUS, and won't be bothered to buy these plain pistachios again. Especially since I have these other flavors to choose from. Survey says: good but not terribly interesting.

Roasted With Salt Pistachios: The salt takes it up a notch, for those of us who like salt. Good---especially for those who don't like the extras---but to us, not terribly interesting.

Salt and Pepper Pistachios: Wonderful, and will buy again. For three reasons: 1. our family loves Salt & Pepper Kettle chips, and well, this offers the same dynamic flavor with a lot more health (nuts or chips, nuts or chips... Nuts!). 2. Yesterday I discovered they sell big bags of them at Costco, and 3. they are perfect for school lunches.

European Pistachios (think picture of nuts with berets): YES, a resounding yes. My boys loved these, as did we---the parents. These little 'stachios include salt and malt vinegar. Those are popular touches to french fries in parts of Europe. But, far healthier to use them on nuts (fries or nuts, fries or nuts.. Nuts!). And they are good for you in that 'quick open another one and shove it into my mouth' kind of way. We will buy these again.

More fun information on pistachios:

  • I really liked this site (clean and well-organized, full of good info): Pistachio Health
  • Here is a list of articles that discuss the heart and health benefits of pistachios
  • Recycle the shells to replace missing game pieces, grind up as mulch and/or put in the bottom of flower pots for drainage.
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