12 brussels sprout recipes + how to store brussels sprouts

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brussel sprout recipesIs it really all about the bacon? I asked a pile of blogging friends for their best brussel sprouts recipes and I confess: you’d think it was a case for “everything it better with bacon.” Brussels & Bacon are quickly becoming akin to peanut butter and jelly, olive oil and balsamic, truffle and popcorn (couldn’t resist that last one).

Bacon love aside – I do want to make a case for bacon free brussel sprouts.

I keep thinking brussel gratin would be divine – I need to climb on that pony. Maybe a new twist for Thanksgiving?

I am about to purchase a big ole box of brussel sprouts via Farmstr – or I should say from local Rents Due Ranch (north of Seattle) – who normally supplies them to boutique grocery stores. Buying directly from them (through this online marketplace) means I pay less than I would at the store – so I can buy more!

You know I love a full larder – almost as much as I love martinis.

brussels sprouts recipes

Brussels Sprout Benefits

  • high in folic acid, potassium and vitamins A, K and C.
  • cruciferous vegetables reduce risk of some cancers (colon, breast, lung, ovarian, bladder)

Brussels Sprout Storing Tips

  • 3-6 days in fridge in a bag with outer leaves removed.
  • 3-6 weeks in fridge in open bowl with outer leaves left on – just remove shriveled leaves before cooking.
  • 12 months in freezer – first blanch then store in freezer bags or vacuum seal (blanch 3 min in salted boiling water, remove and shock in ice water for 30 seconds)
  • if you store in a very cool place with light moisture – garage, root cellar – they keep well up to 5 weeks.

brussel sprouts

Brussels Sprout Recipes

Eating Well Magazine highlights an easy Pickled Brussels Sprout Recipe (then prudently recommends you put them in your next Bloody Mary… how about with Candied Bacon?!)

Hip Girls Guide shares her recipe for Pickled Brussels Sprouts (I do feel a Bloody Mary coming on… maybe w/home canned tomato juice?)

Your Fonder Heart makes Emeril Lagasse Bacon & Brussels

All Day I Dream About Food goes non-bacon with Hazelnut Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Mountain Mama Cooks makes Blackened Brussels Sprouts and Creamy Rosemary Polenta Maple Sea Salted Roasted Winter Vegetables

Talk of Tomatoes archives: Roasted Brussels Sprouts – OR ‘brussel sprouts for non brussel sprout eaters’ – Eva adds garlic when she roasts ’em

Hey Mom What’s For Dinner goes all out all bacon

Blue Kale Road adds color to Brussels with Pomegranate Seeds

Snacking Kitchen – love this – roasts the whole stalk!

Foodie Tots puts the season in a bowl: Squash, Brussels & Pomegranate

Thanks and happy brussel – ling. Like yodeling only better b/c there is bacon.

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  • roxi beck said (1 November 2013 at 9:37 am):

    Fascinating to see Brussels Sprouts on their hearty trunks. I spy a couple to try – and perhaps add to the holiday menus, as well!

  • colleen @ foodietots said (3 November 2013 at 9:08 pm):

    Pickled brussels! Haven’t tried that, yet. :) Thanks for including my recipe!