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foodbuzz 24×24: an all white wintry meal

foodbuzz 24x24: an all white wintry meal
I have long been intrigued with color. Some geniuses can look at the piano and ‘get it’ or do math in their sleep. To some, a canvas speaks to them or the sculpture is in the marble waiting to be carved free. Others are born to sing or work with their hands, have a sense of people’s needs or can readily wrap their mind around litigation. Numbers dance in patterns… [more]

foodbuzz 24×24: an all-jar feast.

foodbuzz 24x24: an all-jar feast.
I didn’t quite know what to call this themed-menu: Jars for Dinner? A Jarred Feast? Cooking in Jars? This meal—strewn with jars—is a perfect ‘confession’ of my obsession with jars. Yes: I am obsessed. I adore jars, I go to garage sales and estate sales in search of jars. I find dilapidated boxes full of forgotten, apparently past-their-prime preserving jars. Perhaps the whole notion feels like a rescue mission?… [more]

Foodbuzz 24×24: Returning to America

Foodbuzz 24x24: Returning to America
We just returned from living abroad for one year—a family adventure that started with 4 bikes and a GPS and ended with Italian soccer and school. We cycled from Amsterdam to Paris, toured London, flew to Florence and settled in for the school year (where my sons age 13 and 14 attended an Italian school). We blogged all about it on www.familyfrolics.com. Since we sold our home and… [more]

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: An Italian Affair—recipes and a glorious meal from an Italian farm kitchen

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: An Italian Affair---recipes and a glorious meal from an Italian farm kitchen
Oh yes, I am having an affair with Italian food. Day by day, I am falling in love. I signed up to participate in Foodbuzz’ 24-24-24 and was selected. My theme: pure Italian food. Better said: all of the Italian I can possibly insert into one fantastic menu, an outpouring of all I have learned and experienced while living in Italy. Yes, I am living in Florence. Normally from Seattle,… [more]