For over six years I have been penning Talk of Tomatoes. What started as putting a cookbook online morphed into much more. My blog has been my muse. Talk of Tomatoes has catapulted me into a world of food and travel (a few favorites: Italy via DaVinci Wine, Food & Wine Las Vegas, The Kentucky Derby, Iowa Cornfields, California Raisins and Olive oil). I have met scads of savvy bloggers, farmers and ranchers—and loved every minute of it.

Janelle is known to wield knives, pitchforks and martinis.

Talk of Tomatoes warranted my need to attend culinary school. I wield knives in my kitchen and taught cooking classes for years. You can read all about my adventures in urban farming—from gardens to chickens to pitchforks and more. It has been one fantastic discovery after another. And never the dull moment: I am always game for a good martini whether in the kitchen, chatting up a neighbor or traveling the globe.

I am a learner and a teacher. Talk of Tomatoes has been a catalyst to my curiosities from cooking to photography to farming and home preservation. On top of culinary school, I recently earned my Master Certificate in Preservation which roughly means: I have an incessant need to know the nuances of preparing, drying, canning, curing, pickling and freezing seasonal foods. Once I learn it, I share it.

I am Dutch by heritage (farming, rubber boots and rolled up sleeves are in my blood) and married an Italian; I have two teen sons that are the joy of my life. They don’t mind the constant parade of homemade food and enjoy the urban hens as much as I do. We all enjoy home and farm DIY projects and are always up for adventure (we cycled from Amsterdam to Paris and lived in Italy for a year).