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Mom, the laundry room is insanely cold again… can you make more apple chips? This seemingly disjointed request actually makes sense in our ‘under-construction’ home. With tons of DIY remodeling, we have had to cut heaters here and lights there, put up tarps and dust yet another layer off all furniture.

A casualty of remodeling is a very cold laundry/bathroom. No heat reaches this room, and we keep the door closed to trap heat in our main living space. So when we trek down our stairs in the still-dark morning hours to shower, our laundry room is reminiscent of a root cellar.

apple chips recipe @talkoftomatoes

I accidentally happened upon a solution: dried apples. The story goes: I bought a food dehydrator this past fall. I excitedly plugged it in [right in my kitchen] to dry a batch of apple slices. Everyone complained about the noise. It made a little motor whir, an added white noise to our already noisy lives. My new little pet project—dehydrating fruits and vegetables around the clock—was about to be terminated.

But I was determined to keep preserving slices of apples, cherries, herbs and everything from onions to winter greens. My family agreed to let me keep the noisy little appliance if I moved it out of sight and earshot.

dried apples recipe

Midwinter, I started drying a batch of sugar cinnamon apple slices —in the laundry room. Nobody minded. And the next morning, when we once again aimed to brave the chilly room in order to take a hot shower: we were greeted with a warm room and scents of cinnamon. Chalk if up to yet another of life’s little pleasures.

Besides warming us on chilly mornings and offering yummy scents to our noses, apple chips are my favorite go-to snack. They give me the crunch I crave, a smidgen of sweetness and concentrated nutritive value.

How to make Dried Apple Chips:

  1. slice up 4-5 apples.
  2. toss with some lemon juice
  3. sprinkle with a little sugar, cinnamon (or go hog wild and choose your own spices: ginger, allspice, etc.)
  4. lay in single layer on [dehydrator] trays
  5. dry for 2-3 days
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  • Alanna said (30 January 2013 at 9:19 am):

    Haha — serendipity!

  • thelma said (31 January 2013 at 12:02 pm):

    How much electricity does a dehydrator consume esp. if ran for days?

  • Mindy said (1 February 2013 at 6:30 am):

    Brilliant! Potpourri and snacks all at once! :)

  • laura said (2 February 2013 at 3:39 pm):

    love this!!! healthy snack and sweet scents!

  • Christie {Pepper Lynn} said (5 February 2013 at 9:48 pm):

    Lovely photos, Janelle! I’ve been chewing on the idea of purchasing a dehydrator for awhile, and after a not so awesome experience trying to dry apple slices in the oven, I’m adding it to my wish list. And the sweet cinnamon scents you described? I’d do it just for that!

  • Paula - bell'alimento said (18 March 2013 at 6:06 pm):

    I have got to get a dehydrator! Love this.